“Surf City Garage”

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“Surf City Garage”


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Fuel Prices Putting The Squeeze On Your Profits?

What do you do? 

Locking Fuel Caps, Anti-Siphons, Fuel Additives, park
the truck and wait, steal your friends fuel, coast down hill, get a second

Many solutions are available for this problem but only a couple are worth
trying.   Fuel Additives are always a good idea to promote economy,  Additives like“Lucas Oil and Fuel Additives”, “Flash-Lube” and “Power Service” do a great job cleaning injectors and lubricating the fuel pump but have no impact on “Fuel Theft”.

Parking the truck or stealing fuel are out of the question so we are left with
Locking Fuel Caps or Anti Siphons.  These products offer two different
ways to protect your fuel investment.  The best of these two options, in my
opinion, is Locking Fuel Caps.  A Locking Fuel Cap not only keeps your fuel
safe from thieves but also keeps it safe from contamination.  Stopsome jerk from dumping sugar in your tank!  The second choice is the Anti Siphon device you insert into the filler neck.  This product is easily installed and will keep a siphon hose from sucking your tanks dry.  Thieves will get a few
gallons off the top but the device keeps their hose from hitting bottom. 
Cost is the big factor in making this decision.  Locking Fuel Caps are 2 to
3 times the price of the Anti Siphons but they offer quit a bit more protection. 
Most of our customers at Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, that have one to five trucks seem to go for the Locking Fuel Caps and the companies with large fleets will go for the Anti Siphons.

Another thing to consider about locking fuel caps and anti siphons is they are not fail safe!  A bad guy with time and tools can still get to you.  In today’s world of HIGH FUEL COSTS you need to do something…

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FastWax Carnauba Spray



  This is as easy as it gets… Spray on and wipe off.  FASTWAX work quick and easy on your trucks finish, aluminum tanks, wheels and chrome.  Keep FASTWAX  handy in the cab so you can spot polish while you are waiting for a load.

Designed for the demands of weather and high standards of professional




FASTWAX offers a long lasting shine and durable protection in one easy to use product.

is Non- Scratching and can be used on all painted and non- porous surfaces.

lifts dirt and road grime without harming the surface, leaving a showroom finish.

is clear coat safe and restores most faded paints.

 is easy to apply and can be used on Cars, Trucks, Vans, RV’s,
Motorcycles, Aircraft, Boats, mirrors, and chrome.


can also be used in many household applications…
sinks, glass shower doors, counter tops etc..




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Route 66 and Old Gas Station Memories


Memories are usually wonderful things.  Never having the “Chance to Wander West” on Route 66 I can’t recall a drive from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean.  However I have been on sections of the old Mother Road as it travels through Arizona and California.  My favorite stretch is from Kingman, Arizona to Needles, California.  What beautiful scenery, sharp rugged mountains and 50 mile vistas.  You have to love the desert, but you better plan on passing July and August…  110 degrees  is an everyday occurrence! 

One of our “Fleet Oil and Truck Supply” customers has been running Interstate 40 for the past ten years and he will, on occasion, get off and checkout some of the old sections.  He say’s he can’t stop for long but instead of pulling into the same old truck stop he will make an ice cream stop in Seligman AZ or take a break and watch the old trains in Williams. 

Other memories are jogged when you see an old advertisement
Tin Sign
.   Car guy’s and truckers seem to get a kick out of the old gas station signs.  Here are a few that I find interesting and a couple of “Route 66” tin signs. 
The next time you find yourself traveling I 40 checkout some of the old Route 66 sections.

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“I go to Work and Keep a Positive Attitude”

In today’s tough business climate I get one question over and over.  “What are you doing to get through these bad times?”  Friends and customers, sales vendors and strangers.  Everyone is asking.  Some of the answers I’ve heard are surprising, some insightful, and some scary.    We are bombarded every day with bad news, new regulations and new demands on our time and wallet.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go back a couple of years to better times?  Well we can’t! 

I have found the only way for me is “I go to work and keep a positive attitude.” 

  1. I try to find the good in all things.  (and all people)
  2. I keep political discussions to a minimum.
  3. I remind myself how blessed I am.
  4. I keep my priorities straight.  God and Family First.
  5. I get up and go to work… Everyday!

At my business, Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, I have found most customers would rather hear a joke or something positive.  Yes, everyone is “feeling the pain” but we are all trying to get through.

Rocky Harter

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More Info on the Right Weigh Load Scale

Fleet Oil and Truck Supply introduces “Right Weigh Load Scales” most popular scale now features 7 color LED lights that you can choose with the one touch!
The Right Weigh Load Scales, 510-46C/B is a 2″ gauge for interior mounting with values to 46,000 lbs. It features a chrome/black bezel and has the new 7 Color LED backlight.

Interior Load Scales
Fleet Oil and Truck Supply’s interior load scales offer reliable on-the-ground axle weight measurement of your tractor’s drives and/or your trailer’s axles from inside the cab of the tractor. Dash mountable with clear analog readings displayed on our standard 2″ gauge with chrome or black bezel.
Easy to install, our interior models can directly replace most existing air suspension PSI gauges, or stand alone using our simple installation kit.

See the 510-46-C Chrome Bezel or 510-46-B Black Bezel Scale with your choice of 7 backlight colors at the “Fleet Oil and Truck Supply” web site.

Click here for more info: Right Weigh information


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Right Weigh Load Scales, New Design!!!


Right Weigh Load Scales
New Selectable 7 Color LED’s

All new design allows you to choose your back-light color with the push of a button!

Great Product.  Made in the USA

Click the images to go to the web page

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